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DEPECHE MODE - BLACK CELEBRATION-BOX SET 31.5.2019 Vychádza za 38 dni
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5 12in   81,99 € 
Čiarový kód / EAN : 190758902418
výrobca : Mute Records
dodávateľ : Sony Music
nosič : 5 12in ,

Box Set, Limited Edition, High Quality, Download Code

Depeche Mode 12" vinyl singles project continues with the release of Black Celebration | The 12" Singles.

This definitive box set contains 12" vinyl singles contemporaneous to Black Celebration (1986). One of the pivotal releases in the Depeche Mode canon, this album advanced the band's musical mission, moving the DM sound from industrial pop into darker atmospheric emotional territory.

Following its release in 1986, Black Celebration became the group's then-highest charting album in both the UK and Germany, expanding their influence across pop culture while inspiring myriad young musicians to start bands of their own.

Black Celebration | The 12" Singles contains the four original 12" releases from the album plus a 12" vinyl version of the limited edition "A Question of Lust" cassette release, available for the first time internationally in this collection.



1. Stripped (Highland Mix)
2. But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)
3. Breathing In Fumes
4. Fly On the Windscreen (Quiet Mix)
5. Black Day


1. A Question of Lust
2. Christmas Island (Extended)
3. People Are People (Live)
4. It Doesn't Matter Two (Instrumental)
5. A Question of Lust (Minimal)


1. A Question of Lust (Flood Mix)
2. Christmas Island
3. If You Want (Live)
4. Shame (Live)
5. Blasphemous Rumours (Live)


1. A Question of Time (Extended Remix)
2. Black Celebration (Live)
3. Something To Do (Live)
4. Stripped (Live)


1. A Question of Time (New Town Mix)
2. A Question of Time (Live Remix)
3. Black Celebration (Black Tulip Mix)
4. More Than a Party (Live Remix)


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